Sweet peas…Tiger’s chilled minted pea soup

This year we grew peas. So what? There is something almost magical about peas that you pick and shell - to pop into your mouth - in the pea patch.  Little can beat the flavour of those little round orbs as they pop with their unique sweetness. Peas are "up there" as my favourite vegetable.  I remember … Continue reading Sweet peas…Tiger’s chilled minted pea soup

Veld Kos

My basic cooking and food choices are largely influenced by my English and Scottish background and living in South Africa.  Over the last 20 or so years, as ethnic foods have become both more fashionable and available, it has become easier to experiment with flavours and different ingredients.  My mother cooked "English" food and through a woman who … Continue reading Veld Kos

Wicked and wonderful things in the valley

Our valley is one of contrasts, and last week reflected this.  It began with a slow burning fire on our mountains which had, a week earlier, been covered in snow.  Neither the farmers nor the conservationists not know what started the fire, although a human element is suspected.  The wild animals are fleeing down the mountains, … Continue reading Wicked and wonderful things in the valley

Noble Nasturtiums so versatile in the kitchen

I love edible flowers. Nasturtiums are just another gift we get from our garden. Like gooseberries, they are indigenous to South America. Before I moved to the Western Cape, I tried - in vain - to grow nasturtiums. Now they simply just grow... like in the picture, which are in the corner of our plot that we … Continue reading Noble Nasturtiums so versatile in the kitchen

Angel fish – astonishingly versatile

A couple of weeks ago, the new season of Master Chef SA started, and I was watching with half an eye, as I was preparing our supper - angel fish.  Imagine my surprise when the first episode concluded with a boot camp - on a wharf in the Cape Town harbour - with the contestants having to … Continue reading Angel fish – astonishingly versatile

A virtual “Cheers!” to you all….

I had a wonderful opportunity this week, to be a guest author, sharing something about my blogging journey, so far.  What I thought to be an easy piece to write, turned out not to be so.  One of the reasons was proverbial writer's block:  I had had all the ideas about what I might say, and how, … Continue reading A virtual “Cheers!” to you all….

Glorious Gooseberries

In Afrikaans, they are called "appelliefies", and the direct translation is "little apple loves". Cape Gooseberries are endemic and we haven't planted any in our garden.  They just grow, and are one of the many gifts we receive from our garden. As a small child, not long after we moved from East London, we would travel … Continue reading Glorious Gooseberries

There’s a mouse in the house…

Both our cats are huntresses of note, and give a whole new meaning to food-on-the-run! Our week started in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Simultaneous with a scrabbling around behind the headboard, a cat launched herself off a rather soft spot on my abdomen and into mid-air.  Tom could sleep on a washing line, … Continue reading There’s a mouse in the house…