I am an ordinary woman – on the wrong side of 50 – living in the Winelands of McGregor in South Africa.  My husband and I live in an alternative technology house with our two cats, Tiger Pearl (aka Princess Pearli) and Gandalf the Grey.

What I do now

I have a micro businesses:  Destination McGregor, and I am gearing up to offer online English tutoring to adult Foreign Language learners, especially adults who wish to build their writing skills.  I take on a freelance gigs, ranging from helping local businesses secure their licenses and working with them to streamline systems and procedures for succession and compliance purposes.  I will also build simple Google and WordPress sites, design simple leaflets.  Of course, I am always happy to take on writing projects.

I also blog on WordPress and from there on to the Hive blockchain.

What I did then

I ran an education and training management consultancy for more than 20 years. The advent of the Internet and broadband meant that I was able to work with clients in both South Africa and abroad, successfully maximising time and costs for all concerned. Consultancy services specialised in project conceptualisation, policy analysis, systems development, quality assurance and compliance as well as the development of learning materials. Over the time, clients included tertiary education institutions (local and international), sector education and training authorities (skills boards), private companies, government departments and donors, as well as grassroots community organisations.

You will find out more about my credential and other involvements here.

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