Variations on a theme: mac & cheese three ways

Not only is the weather turning, but because we're locked in thanks to Covid-19, we're looking for comfort food.  I shared these ideas way back in 2014.  I was reminded about them the other day, when there was a "debate" on the merits (or otherwise) of macaroni cheese.  There's an even split between love and … Continue reading Variations on a theme: mac & cheese three ways

Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

February left in a flurry.  So much so, that when I potted my bits for the market on Friday, I set the sell by date for March, not April.  I only realised as I was getting myself together on Saturday morning - after having posted this photo to Instagram! Oops!  Sell by date can't be … Continue reading Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

Fusion Flat Breads

I loathe coleslaw.  It's a long and irrelevant story, summed up in two words:  institutional food.  In my case, that was boarding school, followed by university.  By the time I reached university, I just simply didn't eat what I didn't like.  At school, that was less possible.  However, more than forty years later, coleslaw remains … Continue reading Fusion Flat Breads

Passata – squashed, saucy tomatoes

When I met The Husband, he fended for himself and it wasn't long before he informed me that a kitchen should never be without onions and tomatoes: no tasty main meal (other than breakfast), could exclude onions. Add tomatoes, he maintained, and you have the basis of a good meal. Then last Saturday, I was given five kilograms of overripe tomatoes! Perfect. So, I set to on Sunday, prepared for a long day - it's a two-step process - not difficult, but long (and which is partly why I didn't get this out last week).

Zoodle Doodles

It's the time of year when Sannie Boervrou's generosity knows no bounds. Call them what you will, courgettes, zucchini and not-so-baby baby marrows, I've been making pickles, salad and this year, zoodles.

A pretty pickle (or two…)

I'm in a pickle: in my day job, we are reaching the end of a project which means that a deadline is looming. My week was long, very hot and I had writer's block. I'm tired. My colleagues are tired and stressed. A bit of a pickle. And pickles need time. I've not had much of that lately, it seems.