Tremendous Trees – II

The colours of the dripping Acacia gum are beautiful. It forms the most magnificent stalactites that deposit resin onto mounds of wannabe stalagmites on the ground below. Unless you are looking for them, though, gummy the piles are well camouflaged and easy to miss.

Salad Days I

No, I'm not referring to either my youth or the best days of my life, but rather logical eating choices during the hottest summer in many, many years. Certainly since we arrived in McGregor and when the top temperature was 41ºC (106ºF).

Sweet peas…Tiger’s chilled minted pea soup

This year we grew peas. So what? There is something almost magical about peas that you pick and shell - to pop into your mouth - in the pea patch.  Little can beat the flavour of those little round orbs as they pop with their unique sweetness. Peas are "up there" as my favourite vegetable.  I remember … Continue reading Sweet peas…Tiger’s chilled minted pea soup