Gigs, Headlines and Sound Bites – in the time of Covid-19

Where to begin? That I've been working in the gig economy since before it was a "thing"? Or that I have been self-employed for nearly thirty years, effectively selling my time expertise to clients that are prepared to pay for it? Notice I didn't say value?  Because often it wasn't valued.  Particularly in the last … Continue reading Gigs, Headlines and Sound Bites – in the time of Covid-19

Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

February left in a flurry.  So much so, that when I potted my bits for the market on Friday, I set the sell by date for March, not April.  I only realised as I was getting myself together on Saturday morning - after having posted this photo to Instagram! Oops!  Sell by date can't be … Continue reading Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

Hung out to dry, or did @gmuxx just duck?

Yes, I know that at best, I'm employing too many cliches and, at worst, mixing metaphors, and I warn you, if you read on, it'll not get any better. It's not in my nature to air dirty laundry in public. I don't like confrontation, either. However, there are two other things I loathe more: oblique … Continue reading Hung out to dry, or did @gmuxx just duck?

Fusion Flat Breads

I loathe coleslaw.  It's a long and irrelevant story, summed up in two words:  institutional food.  In my case, that was boarding school, followed by university.  By the time I reached university, I just simply didn't eat what I didn't like.  At school, that was less possible.  However, more than forty years later, coleslaw remains … Continue reading Fusion Flat Breads

Tremendous Trees – II

The colours of the dripping Acacia gum are beautiful. It forms the most magnificent stalactites that deposit resin onto mounds of wannabe stalagmites on the ground below. Unless you are looking for them, though, gummy the piles are well camouflaged and easy to miss.

Passata – squashed, saucy tomatoes

When I met The Husband, he fended for himself and it wasn't long before he informed me that a kitchen should never be without onions and tomatoes: no tasty main meal (other than breakfast), could exclude onions. Add tomatoes, he maintained, and you have the basis of a good meal. Then last Saturday, I was given five kilograms of overripe tomatoes! Perfect. So, I set to on Sunday, prepared for a long day - it's a two-step process - not difficult, but long (and which is partly why I didn't get this out last week).