If I were to choose…

I participate, from time to time, in the odd blog challenge.  Just because.  There's a particular one to which I'm quite partial.  Not because I've ever won, but because it gets me thinking.  About things.  All sorts of things.  It's run by an international bunch of guys and gals hailing from the UK, US and … Continue reading If I were to choose…

Lockdown survivors’ guide

In the last two weeks I have written two long and very serious pieces about how people and the world are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. I will write another - to keep a promise. The first was ahead of the lock down. Half way there? South Africa is halfway through the period initially set … Continue reading Lockdown survivors’ guide

Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

February left in a flurry.  So much so, that when I potted my bits for the market on Friday, I set the sell by date for March, not April.  I only realised as I was getting myself together on Saturday morning - after having posted this photo to Instagram! Oops!  Sell by date can't be … Continue reading Leeky vegetables with a Steem(y) virus rant on the side

Hung out to dry, or did @gmuxx just duck?

Yes, I know that at best, I'm employing too many cliches and, at worst, mixing metaphors, and I warn you, if you read on, it'll not get any better. It's not in my nature to air dirty laundry in public. I don't like confrontation, either. However, there are two other things I loathe more: oblique … Continue reading Hung out to dry, or did @gmuxx just duck?