Wicked and wonderful things in the valley

Our valley is one of contrasts, and last week reflected this.  It began with a slow burning fire on our mountains which had, a week earlier, been covered in snow.  Neither the farmers nor the conservationists not know what started the fire, although a human element is suspected.  The wild animals are fleeing down the mountains, nearer and nearer to working farms, livestock and human habitation.  This area is one of the few areas where the endangered Cape leopards both traverse and live, and is part of a leopard conservation project, whose efforts are also being jeopardised by this fire.


Fire and snow, equally spectacular.  The fire is still burning…

Last week ended (or this week began) in a somewhat different, but also dazzling way, with Sunday picnic lunch under the fig tree at Tanagra, another of our wonderful boutique wineries.  We were entertained by two groups of very talented young people from our valley, all of whom come from very poor circumstances – informal settlements and/or farms.  Both the Langeberg Steel Band and the Next Step Dance Company are award-winning groups in their own rights, and mentored by two talented individuals who live in McGregor.


We left Tanagra with a song in our hearts and a bounce in our steps.  Here is just a soupcon of the sound of the Langeberg Steel Band.

[wpvideo YiHv2KLx]





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