Noble Nasturtiums so versatile in the kitchen

Nasturtiums 2014I love edible flowers. Nasturtiums are just another gift we get from our garden. Like gooseberries, they are indigenous to South America. Before I moved to the Western Cape, I tried – in vain – to grow nasturtiums. Now they simply just grow… like in the picture, which are in the corner of our plot that we haven’t got to, yet….


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  1. Interesting read. I planted some last year as a deterrent to pests while I was growing cabbages. They ended up covered with caterpillars and eggs from cabbage white butterflies. I ripped them out.

    1. Yes, they do tend to get creepies, but they somehow manage to survive, regardless. Rather on the never-say-die nasturtium than on the other “precious” crops

        1. Oh dear……. I couldn’t “like” that reply 😉 I sometimes wonder about companion planting and how close on should plant the “distractor” plants to the main crop…. Perhaps some other, more knowledgeable readers of this blog may help with this conundrum…

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