Magic Melon III

There is something magic about a clear night sky, the moon and stars.  Just after last year’s winter solstice, the sky was a cold, crisp and clear with a crescent moon; Venus and Jupiter very, very close by.

The north-west night sky

Then there is the magic of dawn and the equal splendour of light associated with heavy rain showers.  We had both, together.

From the porch looking towards o the driveway
View, up, to the west, whence the rain had come – in buckets

Even Melon wasn’t going to miss the magic!


A closing comment:  Since acquiring my new camera, I’ve been learning how to use it.  The only one of these pictures that was somewhat “doctored”, other than the odd crop, was the one of Melon.


Updated as an entry to “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – “Under” because when I read the topic of this week’s challenge, this old post came to mind – the sky, the trees and, of course, melon under the table!

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0 thoughts on “Magic Melon III

  1. Fiona, what wonderful photos. You do live in a very special place.
    Last night just after sunset, Venus and Jupiter were perfectly aligned here in England – my iPhone is definitely not as good as your camera!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I think that there was a similar alignment here: The Husband came in from the cold and commented on it. And yes, we do live in a special place….

  2. Love the pics Fiona and the night sky I don’t see many stars from my garden as we are close to the hills and the cloud is very low this time of year but from the beach it is wonderful I just need a better camera to catch the beauty. 😉

    1. Thank you, Carol. I’ve discovered it’s not just the camera; it’s also learning how to use the camera. I’ve a long way to go… 🙂

  3. The pictures are amazing, I should observe the night sky more. Melon looks really cosey under the table

    1. Thank you. We are fortunate that there is not a lot of light pollution here, so on a clear night the stars are amazing. You can see along the Milky Way, almost to another galaxy.

      You made me laugh – Melon, cosy? It was a freezing cold day and that was her I-want-to-outside-no-matter-how-cold-it-is look. Under the table was where she could at least not be rained or dripped upon. Much. Lol.

      1. That is really beautiful. Hahahaha I love Melon, she wasn’t about to let life pass her by because of a little rain and cold

  4. Adorable cat, beautiful pictures. I like how your house is surrounded with trees. It’s quite beautiful and peaceful. The sight in the sky is such an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing Fiona.

    1. We love those trees, particularly the Karee that shades the table. Lets in the winter sun because it’s semi deciduous and gives deep shade in summer. Our favourite spot in the garden.

      1. Pardon my ignorance about trees, but I don’t know all their names. I should read more about them and get familiarized. I have to remember Karee when we buy trees for our backyard. We are planning to plant trees this fall because our backyard is too bare. Thanks for sharing more info about it. I can only imagine. You must have a beautiful garden. 🙂

        1. Anna, I don’t think you’re ignorant – the Karee is indigenous to where we live – there’s a link from my other post which gives more information about it. I’m not sure where you live, but probably somewhere in the US? So I’m not sure you’d find them at your local nursery. I’m sure they’ll recommend something that does the same and more suitable to where you live. Thanks for the compliment about the garden. We are hoping to participate in our local open gardens event in October, i.e. the Southern Hemisphere spring… We’ll see how that goes…

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