2015 – not sorry to see you go!

In my day job, this has been a challenging year.  I’m not sorry to see the back of it. Some of my best times, other than with The Husband, friends and in my kitchen, have been behind the camera.  Here are some random shots from the beginning of the year.  They don’t fit into any of the themes that I am brewing.

Frans’s veldskoene from which he liberated his toes when he arrived at a friend’s birthday party in January.


Other than this picture, taken with  my Samsung Galaxy Trend phone, all the others were taken with my Samsung 35mm bridge camera.

A February feather left by a Guinea fowl visitor to our garden.


A long, welcoming table at the place where we often stop for a bite on our way home from Cape Town.


A closer look.


Vinny the Thug Pug who welcomes us and guards all those who enter Oxford Cottage.


Although these photos don’t fit into any of my themes, they do fit into Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


Postscript:  for those interested in my “blogging journey”:

I have been astounded in the increase in the number of views in the last year.  Although this blog only went live in January 2014, the growth this year has been phenomenal.


The visitors come from more than 100 countries and it is to my fellow South Africans that I say the biggest thank you:


This growth in my blog is in no small measure attributable to the Clarrie Bags (i.e. “old” girls from the school I attended) who shared the post I wrote following our 35th school reunion.  This is reflected in the six most-read pieces this calendar year, so to them, a particular thank you:

The School                                                          1,405

Going back to school:  a growing up               269

Sizzling sisters                                                         88

Wacky Wine Weekend:  a sedate version         72

Sunny son-days                                                       63

Pairing flavours (and wine)                                 60

Waste not, want not – II                                        53

Before finally wishing you well for 2016, to those of you who let me know that you read Fiona’s Favourites by commenting, either on the blog, by e-mail or the social media, your taking the time to do this is appreciated more than you will ever know.

May 2016 bring you and yours all you wish for.  My wish for you all is love, peace and lots of happy laughter.

And a last word:

Yesterday’s post should not have happened.  Suffice it to say that I was fiddling about not knowing precisely what I was doing and that notification went out.  I am sorry if it annoyed anyone!

© Fiona’s Favourites 2015

0 thoughts on “2015 – not sorry to see you go!

  1. Down to earth photos capturing simple moments in the year….i like their simplicity. It says to me enjoy the simple moments of life. I wish you a peaceful and great new year filled with laughter.

    1. Thank you, Jason. More to come in due course. I am quite chuffed with the stats, I must say. It is, though, the old story of perseverance and the balance between what I want to write about and what people want to read about…. That analysis is quite interesting….

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