Unicorns, bunnies and fishes: a reality check

I’ve not had a rant for a while.  My last few rants were more than a year ago.  I railed against aspects of the restrictions associated with the lockdown.  Truth be told, I was probably railing at the virus itself.  As if it gives a damn.  I might come back to that but I suspect … Continue reading Unicorns, bunnies and fishes: a reality check

The Work Stuff

Based in McGregor, in the Winelands of the Western Cape, South Africa, I am a remote gig-worker and writer.In January 2021, I was recruited to join a boutique marketing and business solutions business as Lead:  Content and Research.  Alas, it had to downsize. Prior to the pandemic, I ran a couple of tourism-based initiatives and hosted … Continue reading The Work Stuff


I ran an education and training management consultancy for more than 20 years. The advent of the Internet and broadband meant that I was able to work with clients in both South Africa and abroad, successfully maximising time and costs for all concerned. Consultancy services specialised in project conceptualisation, policy analysis, systems development, quality assurance … Continue reading Then

The beginning – revisited

When I started this blog, it was on a whim:  the initial thought had been to share ideas about what I cook and/or how we entertain and how, we’re in the process of developing our home and garden in McGregor. Over the last six or so months, I have realised that Fiona’s Favourites is allowing … Continue reading The beginning – revisited