The Blog

I had a disaster with a web host.  The posts you will find here go back to my original blog.  Posts from mid 2019 to date are AWOL.  If we are able to recover them, we will and I’ll be able to import them using WordPress tools.  If not, I will be “importing” them from the block chain over the next while.  Probably a long while.  Please bear with me.


The beginning – revisited

When I started this blog, it was on a whim:  the initial thought had been to share ideas about what I cook and/or how we entertain and how, we’re in the process of developing our home and garden in McGregor.


Over the last six or so months, I have realised that Fiona’s Favourites is allowing me to “marry” so much of what it love doing:  cooking, gardening, sharing stories and, most of all, writing.  I’m enjoying this much more than I ever imagined. I think and write for a living.  And I enjoy my work – with all its inevitable frustrations.  However, I had never thought, or allowed myself to think of myself as creative, even though, as a school girl, I wanted to write.  It was a notion that I had long relegated to some far recess of my mind.  What would I, an ordinary woman, in her fabulous fifties write about?  I do not live an extraordinary life.

So, still growing up and learning, from my kitchen, the garden, our furry and feathered friends, as well as from people, and most especially, those of you who have joined me on this journey, I 100_3008realise that I can write about my life.  I write about my life that is filled with extraordinary people who teach me that life is not ordinary, and should not be taken for granted.  No matter how small or mundane, so many experiences add to the rich, colourful, faboulous fabric of life – probably a mishmash tartan of Cameron, Lamont and African.

Since I started this part of my journey, people have been telling me that they enjoy my stories.  Telling stories was not the original intention.  Most of my favourite and fun things are because of people, so it just seems right that they are central to what I write.  Some of you are both the encouragement and inspiration behind what I write and you may recognise yourselves, even if you’re not mentioned by name.

So, Fiona’s Favourites, as I said in my first ever post, is evolving and it seems to be becoming a way of figuratively breaking bread with you, and sharing stories about the extraordinary people who move into, and out of, the circles of my life.