21 Today!

Milestones tend to get one thinking and reflecting.  When I posted There’s a Mouse in the House, I was astounded when WordPress congratulated me on my 20th post! Today is a milestone: my 21st post.

It also got me thinking about how I celebrated turning 21.  I chose to have a garden party – at home.


And thinking about that, also makes me realise how early in one’s life, patterns are established:  for me, first prize for my own birthday, still is to be at home, in the garden…

And, just the other day, I was going through my sewing stuff, looking for something, and came across a box of sewing patterns.  Among them was the pattern for the dress that my mother made for me to wear for that birthday party.


My enjoyment and talent for cooking come from my mother.

My enjoyment of entertaining and a good party come from my father.

Together, they threw me a fabulous party – my Mother doing most of the cooking, and Dad making a punch which, as I recall, did pack a punch.


Memories of my first milestone party as an adult, seemed to be an appropriate way to mark this milestone.

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