It’s not just the bees…

When spring arrives in our valley, it blossoms and is filled with the sound of busy bees.  It’s not only the bees who are busy:  the valley emerges from what is usually a cold and wet winter, into a flush of festivals and fun events.  This weekend was no exception.  McGregor is home to a relatively recent addition to the mountain bikers’ calender:  the Ride2Nowhere.  As I’ve mentioned before, the road past our house is the road to nowhere:  it takes you through a beautiful valley, up past the Lord’s Cellar, and into the mountains, and when you look back, it seems as though you can see forever.

View to McG from R2N

It is up the Road to Nowhere, and around through our valley, as well as the Lord’s wine cellar, that this mountain bike race takes place.


For three days, the church hall and the ground next to it, become a hive of activity:  it’s the start and end point of each day’s race, and it is also the place where the riders and their families gather and socialise.  Village establishments provide sustenance – Carol’s Pub, Lord’s Winery and Lord’s Guest Lodge. Fiona’s Favourites was there, too.

For those of us working, the weekend was particularly special:  as we were setting up on Friday afternoon, the news came that the Lord’s 2014 Sauvignon Blanc was awarded gold in the Michelangelo International Wine Awards.  This is the third year in succession that they have won gold:   in 2012 for their 2009 Shiraz, and in 2013, two, for their 2010 Shiraz and their 2011 Pinot Noir.  What a celebration!


Back to the bees.  A few months ago, a bee keeper from the valley was looking for places to put hives.  Following a visit, and after hearing that we have, in our two sprints, had at least three swarms traverse our property, he decided that we would have an empty hive.  The bees are busy, but our hive is still empty.  We wait…