Pretty Prickly

Grief and mourning

I have been very prickly, lately. They say things get easier with time. Six and a bit months later, things have certainly not got easier. They are different. And it's hard to explain exactly what that means. What is different is having to accept that you never know - really - what will trigger an … Continue reading Pretty Prickly

Different people. Different grief.

The other day, someone asked me, Do you miss him? I was a little girl – probably nine or ten – when I first encountered a death in the family.  My father’s mother.  We called her Wee Granny.  I don’t remember her.  Hardly surprising because the only time I did ever meet her, I was … Continue reading Different people. Different grief.

Contemplating the incomprehensible

A friend and I had a conversation at the market this morning.  Little did we know that exactly what were discussing - and fearing - she more than I - had come to pass. Incomprehensible. My heart aches for her:  the burden she has carried over the last few years and, particularly over the last … Continue reading Contemplating the incomprehensible