Magic Melon – IV

As so often happens when there is a new addition to the family, the older sibling’s nose gets seriously out of joint.  Melon has had a hard time of it in the last few years:  first with Rosie’s arrival and then, two years ago, Pearli.

She certainly made her feelings known.  She sent the Cat’s Mother to Coventry and transferred all her affection to The Husband.  We rarely saw her in her favourite position:  on her back, tummy exposed.  A very “un-catlike” habit, and one she has demonstrated ever since she arrived in our home.

Here she’s sunning herself in a winter sunbeam in the office of our Cape Town house in 2011.


Later that year, she obligingly supervised the packing from the dining room table.


Then, once we had moved, she found the coolest spot in The Sandbag House – the foot of the stairs.


Oh, and not to be left out, she takes up most of the sofa.


Then, when the sun begins to set on a hot summer’s evening, she moves into the long shadows of The Sandbag House


We hardly saw a “wheels up” Melon (The Husband’s description), for about a year after Pearli arrived – certainly not in the house.


So when I found her waiting for me to make the bed one morning, which used to be a daily ritual, I realised she’d either given up being cross with Pearli, or she’d begun to forgive me.

And she began putting her wheels up more often.


On my chair, waiting for breakfast.


Warming her tummy while she waits (in vain) for a mole.


Melon has clearly got her magic back.  The Cat’s Mother couldn’t be more pleased!

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