Time passages*

Just yesterday, it dawned on me that January, and nearly one-twelfth of the year, has nearly gone.  With that, this morning, we notice that the angle of the sun has changed – it’s moved north and west.

The windswept pile of puce bougainvillaea flowers – a harbinger of autumn

Funny how time surreptitiously passes us by and we don’t notice until something happens.

I get the sense that many of us, of a certain age, have had that driven home to us in the last few days, particularly with the deaths of David Bowie and Glen Frey.  Both made music that is integral to the soundtrack of my life and when I hear it, I’m instantly transported back to those times.  Good and not so good.  All part of the fabulous fabric of life.

And this, picture not-so-surreptitiously added in, is of the interior of bowl, a gorgeous gift from nearly a year ago, and which continues to fascinate me, for its shape, texture and colour.  A surreptitious entry into Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


Finally, one of my favourite Bowie songs.  Dunno why.  And it includes fabulous instrumental bits – sax, violin, piano.

Last word

This post, surreptitiously prepared while I should have been working, is thanks to Linda’s unsurreptitious suggestion that I do something with today’s Just Jot It January prompt.


*with apologies to Al Stewart

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