Sandwich Memories

It seems I've written quite a bit about sandwiches over the years.  They were the subject of one of my earliest (and surviving) blog posts. Given that a sandwich is food - a filling - wrapped up - or between two slices of some sort of bread - I really have. Quite something given that … Continue reading Sandwich Memories

Of licenses, liars and scrambled eggs

She came into the kitchen, clearly distressed, and asked, "Do you vear licenses?" pointing at her eyes. "" "So could I pliz have some of zat liqvid to clean mine?" Then the penny dropped.  Lenses.  Contact lenses.  I had taken a flyer and thought that our Ukranian house guest was talking about prescription spectacles.  This … Continue reading Of licenses, liars and scrambled eggs

Unicorns, bunnies and fishes: a reality check

I’ve not had a rant for a while.  My last few rants were more than a year ago.  I railed against aspects of the restrictions associated with the lockdown.  Truth be told, I was probably railing at the virus itself.  As if it gives a damn.  I might come back to that but I suspect … Continue reading Unicorns, bunnies and fishes: a reality check

Is it a scone? Is it a biscuit?

Nearly two years ago, and when the world was first locked up, and as mother survived, I had to confront the very real possibility that I might have to actually bake something.  Probably bread.  I wasn't ready.  The entire process from the kneading to the proving and everything in between, terrified me.  I'm also (if … Continue reading Is it a scone? Is it a biscuit?

Fishing, shmishing…whatever…don’t get had!

Wednesday began as it usually does.  With dustbins and shopping lists.  The former is The Husband's job and the latter is a kind of joint effort that starts with meal planning (yes, I know I've's on another list...) and culminates with his famous spreadsheets.  He "translates" the paper scribbles, notes prices and, well, generally … Continue reading Fishing, shmishing…whatever…don’t get had!

Decadent Mushroom Pâté

I suppose I should be writing something about the festive season and how festive it was (it wasn't really, but it was better than 2020) and/or what I'm resolving for the New Year.  Resolutions seem moot given the curved ball that is Covid, and which has derailed the last resolutions I made at the beginning … Continue reading Decadent Mushroom Pâté

A saint, lavatories and life

"Don't close the door," the mother said. The three year old trundled up the grass banks to the ablution block, chose a stall, and closed the door.  It was a door with a staple handle and a ball and socket closure.  The three year old was not inclined to sit and perform with the door … Continue reading A saint, lavatories and life

Halloween: memories from the past, and not-too-distant past

When I grew up, Halloween wasn't a thing. And it was. In the 1970s, Halloween didn't feature on the South African calendar. Somehow, though, it was always mentioned in our house. By my father. It had been a thing in his childhood and he'd talk of the night the spirits fly. He believed in things … Continue reading Halloween: memories from the past, and not-too-distant past

Carrots – yes ways – three ways

Foreword This post first appeared in 2015, and since then, the recipes have gone through a number of developments/iterations/whatever word you'd like to choose.  Originally, it was carrots, two ways.  Now, I've added a third. Growing carrots Our soil is rocky and very clayey.  Certain root vegetables grow, but very differently from what one would … Continue reading Carrots – yes ways – three ways