A virtual “Cheers!” to you all….

I had a wonderful opportunity this week, to be a guest author, sharing something about my blogging journey, so far.  What I thought to be an easy piece to write, turned out not to be so.  One of the reasons was proverbial writer’s block:  I had had all the ideas about what I might say, and how, as I was going about my usual “thang”, but when it came to putting pen to paper, finger to keyboard, words on a screen, I simply went round in circles.  The other reason is that my laptop needed serious attention:  it was crashing, hanging, dumping blue screens all over the show, and I had a sudden business engagement that took me out of the office and away from home for an effective two days.

Something sweet often comes out of things pear-shaped.  Whenever we have occasion to go to Cape Town on a trip and need accommodation, we always stay at Oxford Cottage.  Jenny is the most gracious hostess and over the last nearly three years, I’m delighted that we now consider ourselves friends.  So, on Tuesday evening – arriving around six, and having a really early start the next day, I accepted her invitation to join her for supper.

295477slide4Lords Wicked MaidenJenny prepared a lovely, simple meal, during which we drank lots of wine (aptly, Lord’s Wicked Maiden, a wonderful Pinot Noir rosé, alas, no longer bottled under that name….), and which included cauliflower roasted with salt and olive oil – it was delicious!  I had brought the cauli from our garden and confess to never having considered roasting it, partly because of my negative associations with over cooked brassicas – particularly cabbage.

At boarding school, we always knew when we were going to have cabbage. You could smell it before we even reached the dining room:  it was cooked to death.  Similarly, cauliflower which was usually grey and mushy, and its only saving grace was a little white sauce.  It took me a long time to grow cauliflower, and my approach to cooking it has always been simple – in a stir fry and/or steamed so that it still has some crunch and usually with the ubiquitous white sauce.  Consequently, I was happily surprised to enjoy the roasted cauliflower, and have subsequently played around with roasting it myself (and other things); more of that, soon.

The following morning was dark, windy and wet, and off to an early work breakfast I went, at some ungodly hour, compensated by great interaction with colleagues and the knowledge that I’d soon be on the road home.  The trip back involved a couple of stops, in two different towns, including at the computer hospital.  The computer doctor told me that a serious operation was necessary. Not, I informed him, before my promised piece was done.  I had made a commitment to providing that piece by the end of the week – come hell or high water.

1008201401aI confess that I returned home no less discombobulated when it came to writing that piece, but write it I did, in time for the laptop to go back to hospital on Friday morning.  I am thrilled that A Salmon in Uncharted Waters was published earlier this week.  Timethief, the blogger responsible for one cool site, provides a fabulous service to the blogging community, and WordPress in particular.  Her blog is full of useful guidelines for novice and veteran bloggers alike.  Not only am I grateful to her for the opportunity as a guest author, but I am delighted at becoming part of a new, virtual community of people who share similar interests.

So with a virtual clink of glasses, it’s thank you, and cheers!



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